veg_x_an (veg_x_an) wrote in antifur_active,


How about we say it will be at 1pm on Sunday the 13th unless we decide
otherwise. Also, for the intersection, it looks like the mall parking
lot entrance at Pines Blvd and NW 114th Ave should be busy. If you have
another suggestion, just let me know. We're getting special Valentine's
Day theme posters made up so once we get those, I'll get you everything
you need!

If you have a cell number or home number can you get that to me in case
I need to be in touch with you over the phone?

It would be cool if you can either look into renting a bunny costume and
pretend to beat it up like the fur industry does or get some stuffed
bunny rabbits and cover them in fake blood. Let me know and we can
reimburse you for the cost of anything you need to buy or rent.

This should be exciting! Hope to hear back from you soon.


Pulin Modi, Youth Campaign Coordinator
office- 757.622.PETA x8719
cell- 757.943.0344

Is this date going to be okay? And whose willing to rent and dress up?
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